Company profile, DRU a.s. Zvolen

DRU Company based in Zvolen was founded in 1999 as a result of the corporate transformation of the Co-operative COOP VYROBA into a joint stock company. However, the tradition of its products goes fifty years back. DRU with its 130 employees and annual production of cca 6.65 million Eur ranks among medium-sized companies of the Slovak market. At the same time it is a member of the Slovak Association of Producers of Confectionery, Coffee-Related Products and Pastry.

The main business activities of the company are:


DRU products company are highly recommendable for their high quality, attractive packaging and exquisite taste.

Company DRU is since 2003 certified with quality system FSSC 22000.

The company works exclusively with its own recipes created on the basis of natural ingredients, using no coloring agents. The whole production process is bound by strict directives and the products are subject to regular output controls. This effort has been publicly acknowledged by granting the company the GOLD ALIMENTA award for the product DRU Sesame Sticks in 1997 and for the Wafers with hazelnut filling in 1998.





The following products have won a quality mark "Quality Food SK" prize on 22.08.2019: Sticks without salt sprinkle enriched with fibre

The following products have won a quality mark "Quality Food SK" prize on 19.01.2012: Salty sticks
The following products have won a quality mark "Quality Food SK" prize on 22.08.2013: Delicate rolls with hazelnut filling, Delicate rolls with hazelnut filling coated with chocolate

Quality mark "Quality Food SK" is a guarantee of the highest quality for agricultural products and foods.

It informs the consumer that all the products that bear this logo have fulfilled requirements set by strict regulations for assessing and awarding the mark."

Brand DRU Sticks was awarded Superbrands Slovakia 2013 status.

The Superbrands program was established in the UK in 1995 and now it is operating in 88 countries worldwide. In each country the independent and voluntary jury, Brand Council, is based. The Brand Council, made up of experts, ensures that only the highest scoring brands can be designated as superbrands. The superbrand status is awarded to brands that have obtained a reputation for excellence in their fields of business and that incorporated values that offer emotional and/or palpable advantages that concumers respect and recognise.The Brand Council makes its decisions about awarding superbrand status based on the following criteria: brand strength, familiarity, reputation, loyalty. DRU sticks meet all this criteria and they were righteously awarded. Thank you.


The company has undergone a centralization of production in 2005 and since then it has been producing its products in a production plant in Zvolen. The company directs its sales policy at the constant improvement of the distribution network, which is currently able to guarantee all customers the delivery of the goods within 48 hours. At the same time the company tries to find a place for their products not only on domestic markets but also on foreign markets.

DRU was awarded in 2007 by Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic for participating in the 1st year of competition "Innovative Act of the Year" in the category "Process Innovation" (technological process) with its proposal for Nationalization of collecting, transportation and packing of DRU salty sticks.

Innovative Act of the Year 2007