Company history, DRU a.s. Zvolen

Tradition of DRU Company products dates more than fifty years back. The beginnings of production of the DRU salty sticks, sweet rolls and wafers are connected with Co-operative wholesale plant (DVP). In 1991 DVP changed into the Co-operative Trade and Production Plant, the joint stock company (DOVOP), whose secondary activity was also the production of sweet and salty durable pastry products with the brand DRU. These were salted sticks 45g, hazelnut rolls coated with chocolate and hazelnut wafers. Salted sticks can be still bought in the same packaging with the golden and brown design. The production was later expanded with hazelnut rolls without chocolate coating. DOVOP also produced the ice-cream cones, hip tea and packaging of honey, pulses and poppy seeds.

COOP VYROBA based in Zvolen continued in the traditional production of pastries and salty bakery products, teas and packaging, since 1995. It expanded its production with new products and new flavours such as sesame and graham sticks, family packs of wafers and new packaging design in four production plants - Zvolen, Lipany, Hodejov and Galanta.

In 1999 the COOP VYROBA co-operative was transformed into the DRU, join stock company. Production centralisation was decided in the same year, and since then the company has been running its production of its products in three production plants – Zvolen, Lipany and Galanta. In 2005 the company centralised its production into the production plant in Zvolen.

In May 1996 the DRU trademark was registered in the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic, and it is used with all the company products. The company activities are oriented especially on the production of salty sticks, sweet rolls and wafers. DRU continually works on expanding its products by new tastes. At the same time it ensures the high quality of its products and traditional recipes created on the basis of natural ingredients, which DRU has inherited from its predecessors.